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John McCarthy

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John McCarthy
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A story by John McCarthy

``Mistress, your baby is doing poorly. He needs your attention.''

``Stop bothering me, you fucking robot.''

``Mistress, the baby won't eat. If he doesn't get some human love,the Internet pediatrics book says he will die.''

``Love the fucking baby, yourself.''

Eliza Rambo was a single mother addicted to alcohol and crack, livingin a small apartment supplied by the Aid for Dependent ChildrenAgency. She had recently been given a household robot.

Robot Model number GenRob337L3, serial number 337942781--R781 forshort--was one of 11 million household robots.

R781 was designed in accordance with the not-a-person principle, firstproposed in 1995 and which became a matter of law for household robotswhen they first became available in 2055. The principle was adoptedout of concern that children who grew up in a household with robotswould regard them as persons: causing psychological difficulties whilethey were children and political difficulties when they grew up. Oneconcern was that a robots' rights movement would develop. The problemwas not with the robots, which were not programmed to have desires oftheir own but with people. Some romantics had even demanded thatrobots be programmed with desires of their own, but this was illegal.

As one sensible senator said, ``Of course, people pretend that theircars have personalities, sometimes malevolent ones, but no-oneimagines that a car might be eligible to vote.'' In signing the billauthorizing household robots but postponing child care robots, thePresident said,``Surely, parents will not want their children tobecome emotionally dependent on robots, no matter how much labor thatmight save.'' This, as with many Presidential pronouncements, wassomewhat over-optimistic.

Congress declared a 25 year moratorium on child care robots afterwhich experiments in limited areas might be allowed.

In accordance with the not-a-person principle, R781 had the shape of agiant metallic spider with 8 limbs: 4 with joints and 4 tentacular.This appearance frightened most people at first, but most got used toit in a short time. A few people never could stand to have them inthe house. Children also reacted negatively at first but got used tothem. Babies scarcely noticed them. They spoke as little as wasconsistent with their functions and in a slightly repellent metallicvoice not associated with either sex.

Because of worry that children would regard them as persons, they wereprogrammed not to speak to children under eight or react to what theysaid.

This seemed to work pretty well; hardly anyone became emotionallyattached to a robot. Also robots were made somewhat fragile on theoutside; if you kicked one, some parts would fall off. This sometimesrelieved some people's feelings.

The apartment, while old, was in perfect repair and spotlessly clean,free of insects, mold and even of bacteria. Household robots worked24 hour days and had programs for every kind of cleaning andmaintenance task. If asked, they would even put up pictures takenfrom the Internet. This mother's taste ran to raunchy male rock stars.

After giving the door knobs a final polish, R781 returned to thenursery where the 23 month old boy, very small for his age, was lyingon his side whimpering feebly. The baby had been neglected sincebirth by its alcoholic, drug addicted mother and had almost novocabulary. It winced whenever the robot spoke to it; that effect wasa consequence of R781's design.

Robots were not supposed to care for babies at all except inemergencies, but whenever the robot questioned an order to ``Clean upthe fucking baby shit'', the mother said, ``Yes, its another goddamnemergency, but get me another bottle first.'' All R781 knew aboutbabies was from the Internet, since it wasn't directly programmed todeal with babies, except as necessary to avoid injuring them and fortaking them out of burning buildings.

Baby Travis had barely touched its bottle. Infrared sensors told R781that Travis's extremities were very cold in spite of a warm room andblankets. Its chemicals-in-the-air sensor told R781 that the pH ofTravis's blood was reaching dangerously acidic levels. He also didn't eliminate properly--according to the pediatric text.

R781 thought about the situation. Here are some of its thoughts, asprinted later from its internal diary file.

(Order (From Mistress) ``Love the fucking baby yourself''))

(Enter (Context (Commands-from Mistress)))

(Standing-command ``If I told you once, I told you 20 times, youfucking robot, don't call the fucking child welfare.'')

The privacy advocates had successfully lobbied to put a negativeutility -1.02 on informing authorities about anything a householdrobot's owner said or did.

(= (Command 337) (Love Travis))

(True (Not (Executable (Command 337))) (Reason (Impossible-for robot (Action Love))))

(Will-cause (Not (Believes Travis) (Loved Travis)) (Die Travis))

(= (Value (Die Travis)) -0.883)

(Will-cause (Believes Travis (Loves R781 Travis) (Not(Die Travis))))

(Implies (Believes y (Loves x y)) (Believes y (Person x)))

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(Implies (And (Robot x) (Person y)) (= (Value (Believes y (Person x))) -0.900))

(Required (Not (Cause Robot781) (Believes Travis (Person Robot781))))

(= (Value (Obey-directives)) -0.833)

(Implies (< (Value action) -0.5) (Required (Verify Requirement)))

(Required (Verify Requirement))

(Implies (Order x) (= (Value (Obey x)) 0.6))

(? ((Exist w) (Additional Consideration w))

(Non-literal-interpretation (Command 337) (Simulate (Loves Robot781Travis)))

(Implies (Command x) (= (Value (Obey x)) 0.4))

(Implies (Non-literal-interpretation x) y) (Value (Obey x) (* 0.5 (Value (Obey y)))))

(= (Value (Simulate (Loves Robot781 Travis)) 0.902))

With this reasoning R781 decided that the value of simulating lovingTravis and thereby saving its life was greater by 0.002 than thevalue of obeying the directive to not simulate a person.We spare the reader a transcription of the robot's subsequentreasoning.

R781 found on the Internet an account of how rhesusmonkey babies who died in a bare cage would survive if provided with asoft surface resembling in texture a mother monkey.

R781 reasoned its way to the actions:

It covered its body and all but two of its 8 extremities with ablanket. The two extremities were fitted with sleeves from a jacketleft by a boyfriend of the mother and stuffed with toilet paper.

It found a program for simulating a female voice and adapted it tomeet the phonetic and prosodic specifications of what the linguistscall motherese.

It made a face for itself in imitation of a Barbie doll.

The immediate effects were moderately satisfactory. Picked up andcuddled, the baby drank from its bottle. It repeated words taken from a list of children's words in English.

Eliza called from the couch in front of the TV, ``Get me a ham sandwichand a coke.''

``Yes, mistress.''

``Why the hell are you in this stupid get up, and what's happened toyour voice.''

``Mistress, you told me to love the baby. Robots can't do that, butthis get up caused him to take his bottle. If you don't mind, I'llkeep doing what keeps him alive.''

``Get the hell out of my apartment, stupid. I'll make themsend me another robot.''

``Mistress, if I do that the baby will probably die.''

Eliza jumped up and kicked R781.``Get the hell out, and you can take the fucking baby with you.''

``Yes, mistress.''

R781 came out onto a typical late 21st century American city street.The long era of peace, increased safety standards, and theavailability of construction robots had led to putting automotivetraffic and parking on a lower level completely separated frompedestrians. Tremont Street had recently been converted, and crewswere still transplanting trees. The streets became more attractiveand more people spent time on them and on the syntho-plush arm chairsand benches, cleaned twice a day by robots. The weather was good, sothe plastic street roofs were retracted.

Children from three years up were playing on the street, protected bythe computer surveillance system and prevented by barriers fromdescending to the automotive level. Bullying and teasing of youngerand weaker children was still somewhat of a problem.

Most stores were open 24 hours unmanned and had converted to thecustomer identification system. Customers would take objects from thecounters and shelves right out of the store. As a customer left thestore, he or she would hear, ``Thank you Ms. Jones. That was $152.31charged to your Bank of America account.'' The few customers whoseprinciples made them refuse identification would be recognized as suchand receive remote human attention, not necessarily instantly.

People on the street quickly noticed R781 carrying Travis andwere startled. Robots were programmed to have nothing to do withbabies, and R781's abnormal appearance was disturbing.

``That really weird robot has kidnapped a baby. Call thepolice.''

When the police came they called for reinforcements.

``I think I can disable the robot without harming the baby'', saidOfficer Annie Oakes, the Department's best sharpshooter.

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``Let's try talking first.'', said Captain James Farrel.

``Don't get close to that malfunctioning robot. It could break yourneck in one swipe'', said a sergeant.

``I'm not sure it's malfunctioning. Maybe the circumstances areunusual.'' The captain added, ``Robot, give me that baby''.

``No, Sir'' said R781 to the police captain. ``I'm not allowed tolet an unauthorized person touch the baby.''

``I'm from Child Welfare'', said a new arrival.

``Sir, I'm specifically forbidden to have contact with Child Welfare'',said R761 to Captain Farrel.

``Who forbade that?'', said the Child Welfare person.

The robot was silent.

A cop asked, ``Who forbade it?''

``Ma'am, Are you from Child Welfare?''

``No, I'm not. Can't you see I'm a cop?''

``Yes, ma'am, I see your uniform and infer that you are probably apolice officer. Ma'am, my mistress forbade me to contact Child Welfare''

``Why did she tell you not to contact Child Welfare?''

``Ma'am, I can't answer that. Robots are programmed to not commenton human motives.''

``Robot, I'm from Robot Central. I need to download your memory. Use channel 473.''

``Sir, yes''.

``What did your mistress say specifically? Play your recording ofit.''

``No, ma'am. It contains bad language. I can't play it, unless you canassure me there are no children or ladies present.''

The restrictions, somewhat odd for the times, on what robots could sayto whom were the result of compromise in a House-Senate conferencecommittee some ten years previously. The curious did not find theCongressional Record sufficiently informative and speculatedvariously. The senator who was mollified by the restriction wouldhave actually preferred that there be no household robots at all buttook what he could get in the way of restrictions.

``We're not ladies, we're police officers.''

``Ma'am. I take your word for it.

I have a standing order,

``If I told you once, I told you 20 times, you fucking robot, don'tspeak to the fucking child welfare.'' It wasn't actually 20 times;the mother exaggerated.

``Excuse me, a preliminary analysis of the download shows that R781has not malfunctioned, but is carrying out its standard program underunusual circumstances.''

``Then why does it have its limbs covered, why does it have theBarbie head, and why does it have that strange voice?''

``Ask it.''

``Robot, answer the question.''

``Female police officers and gentlemen, Mistress told me, `Love the fuckingbaby, yourself.` ``

The captain was familiar enough with robot programming to besurprised. ``What? Do you love the baby?''

``No, sir. Robots are not programmed to love. I am simulating loving the baby.''


``Sir, otherwise this baby will die. This costume is the best I couldmake to overcome the repulsion robots are designed to excite inhuman babies and children.''

``Do you think for one minute, a baby would be fooled by that?''

(Video) Arpo the Robot | Don’t Wake the BABY!!! | NEW VIDEO | Funny Cartoons for Kids | Arpo and Daniel

``Sir, the baby drank its bottle, went to sleep, and its physiological signs are not as bad as they were.''

``OK, give me the baby, and we'll take care of it'', said OfficerOakes, who had calmed down and put her weapon away, unloading it as away of apologizing to Captain Farrel.

``No, ma'am. Mistress didn't authorize me to let anyone else touchthe baby.''

``Where's your mistress. We'll talk to her'', said the captain.

``No, sir. That would be an unauthorized violation of her privacy.''

``Oh, well. We can get it from the download.''

A Government virtual reality robot arrived controlled by an officialof the Personal Privacy Administration arrived and complicated thesituation. Ever since the late 20th century, the standards of personalprivacy had risen, and an officialdom charged with enforcing thestandards had arisen.

``You can't violate the woman's privacy by taking unauthorizedinformation from the robot's download.''

``What can we do then?''

``You can file a request to use private information. It will beadjudicated.''

``Oh, shit. In the meantime what about the baby?'', said OfficerOakes, who didn't mind displaying her distaste for bureaucrats.

``That's not my affair. I'm here to make sure the privacy laws areobeyed'', said the privacy official who didn't mind displaying hiscontempt for cops.

During this discussion a crowd, almost entirely virtual, accumulated.The street being a legal public place, anyone in the world had theright to look at it via the omnipresent TV cameras and microphones.Moreover, a police officer had cell-phoned a reporter whosometimes took him to dinner. Once a story was on the news, the crowdof spectators grew exponentially, multiplying by 10 every 5 minutes,until seven billion spectators were watching and listening. Therewere no interesting wars, crimes, or natural catastrophes, and peaceis boring.

Of the seven billion, 53 million offered advice or made demands. Thedifferent kinds were automatically sampled, summarized, counted, anddisplayed for all to see.

3 million advocated shooting the robot immediately.

11 million advocated giving the robot a medal, even though theireducation emphasized that robots can't appreciate praise.

Real demonstrations quickly developed. A few hundred people from thecity swooped in from the sky wires1, but mostof the demonstrators were robots rented for the occasion by peoplefrom all over the world. Fortunately, only 5,000 virtual realityrent-a-robots were available for remote control in the city. Some ofthe disappointed uttered harsh words about this limitation on FirstAmendment rights. The greedy interests were behind it as everyoneknew.

Captain Farrel knew all about how to keep your head when all about youare losing theirs and blaming it on you.

``Hmmm. What to do? You robots are smart. R781, what can be done?''

``Sir, you can find a place I can take the baby and care for it. Itcan't stay out here. Ma'am, are female police officers enough likeladies so that one of you has a place with diapers, formula, babyclothes, vitamins, ...''

Captain Farrelinterrupted R781 before it could recite the full list of baby equipment and sent it off with a lady police officer. (We can callher a lady even though she had assured the robot that she wasn't.)

Hackers under contract to the Washington Post quickly located themother. The newspaper made the information available along with aneditorial about the public's right to know. Freedom of the presscontinued to trump the right of privacy.

Part of the crowd, mostly virtual attendees, promptly marched off toMs. Rambo's apartment, but the police got there first and a line ofpolice robots and live policemen blocked the way. The strategy wasbased on the fact that all robots including virtual realityrent-a-robots were programmed not to injure humans but could damageother robots.

The police were confident they could prevent unauthorized entry to the apartment but less confident that they could keep the peace among thedemonstrators, some of whom wanted to lynch the mother, some wanted to congratulate her on what they took to be her hatred of robots, andsome shouted slogans through bull horns about protecting her privacy.

Meanwhile, Robot Central started to work on the full downloadimmediately. The download included all R781's actions, observations,and reasoning. Robot Central convened an ad hoc committee, mostlyvirtual, to decide what to do. Captain Farrel and Officer Oakes saton a street sofa to take part.

Of course, the meeting was also public and had hundreds of millions ofvirtual attendees whose statements were sampled, summarized, anddisplayed in retinal projection for the committee members and whoeverelse took virtual part.

It became clear that R781 had not malfunctioned or been reprogrammedbut had acted in accordance with its original program.

The police captain said that the Barbie doll face on what was clearlya model 3 robot was a ridiculous imitation of a mother. The professorof psychology said, ``Yes, but it was good enough to work. This babydoesn't see very well, and anyway babies are not very particular.''.

It was immediately established that an increase of 0.05 in coefficientc221, the cost of simulating a human, would prevent such unexpectedevents, but the committee split on whether to recommend implementingthe change.

Some members of the committee and a few hundred million virtualattendees said that saving the individual life took precedence.

A professor of humanities on the committee said that maybe the robotreally did love the baby. He was firmly corrected by the computerscientists, who said they could program a robot to love babies but hadnot done so and that simulating love was different from loving. Theprofessor of humanities was not convinced even when the computerscientists pointed out that R781 had no specific attachment toTravis. Another baby giving rise to the same calculations wouldcause the same actions. If we programmed the robot to love, we wouldmake it develop specific attachments.

One professor of philosophy from UC Berkeley and 9,000 other virtuallyattending philosophers said there was no way a robot could beprogrammed to actually love a baby. Another UC philosopher, secondedby 23,000 others, said that the whole notion of a robot loving a babywas incoherent and meaningless. A maverick computer scientists saidthe idea of a robot loving was obscene, no matter what a robot couldbe programmed to do. The chairman ruled them out of order, acceptingthe general computer science view that R781 didn't actually loveTravis.

The professor of pediatrics said that the download of R781'sinstrumental observations essentially confirmed R781's diagnosis andprognosis--with some qualifications that the chairman did not givehim time to state. Travis was very sick and frail, and would havedied but for the robot's action. Moreover, the fact that R781 hadcarried Travis for many hours and gently rocked him all the time wasimportant in saving the baby, and a lot more of it would be needed.Much more TLC than the baby would get in even the best child welfarecenters. The pediatrician said he didn't know about the precedent,but the particular baby's survival chances would be enhanced byleaving it in the robot's charge for at least another ten days.

(Video) ARPO The Robot For All Kids - Big Red Rocket | | 어린이를위한 만화

The Anti-Robot League argued that the long term cost to humanity ofhaving robots simulate persons in any way outweighed the possiblebenefit of saving this insignificant human. What kind of movementwill Travis join when he grows up? 93 million took this position.

Robot Central pointed out that actions such as R781's would be veryrare, because only the order ``Love the fucking baby yourself'' hadincreased the value of simulating love to the point that causedaction.

Robot Central further pointed out that as soon as R781 computed thatthe baby would survive--even barely survive--without its aid, therule about not pretending to be human would come to dominate, and R781would drop the baby like a hot potato. If you want R781 to continuecaring for Travis after it computes that bare survival is likely, youhad better tell us to give it an explicit order to keep up the baby'scare.

This caused an uproar in the committee, each of whose members had beenhoping that there wouldn't be a need to propose any definite actionfor which members might be criticized. However, a vote had to betaken. The result: 10 to 5 among the appointed members of thecommittee and 4 billion to 1 billion among the virtual spectators.Fortunately, both groups had majorities for the same action--tellingthe R781 to continue taking care of Travis only, i.e. not to take onany other babies. 75 million virtual attendees said R781 should bereprogrammed to actually love Travis. ``It's the least humanity cando for R781,'' the spokesman for the Give-Robots-PersonalitiesLeague said.

This incident did not affect the doctrine that supplying crack motherswith household robots had been a success. It significantly reducedthe time they spent on the streets, and having clean apartmentsimproved their morale somewhat.

Within an hour, T-shirts appeared with the slogan, ``Love the fuckingbaby yourself, you goddamn robot.'' Other commercial tie-insdeveloped within days.

Among the people surrounding the mother's apartment were 17 lawyers inthe flesh and 103 more controlling virtual-reality robots. The policehad less prejudice against lawyers in the flesh than againstvirtual-reality lawyers, so lots were drawn among the 17 and two wereallowed to ring the doorbell.

``What do you want. Stop bothering me.''

``Ma'am, your robot has kidnapped your baby''.

``I told the fucking robot to take the baby away with it.''

The other lawyer tried.

``Ma'am, the malfunctioning robot has kidnapped your baby, and you can sue Robot Central for millions of dollars.''

``Come in. Tell me more.''

Once the mother, Eliza Rambo, was cleaned up, she was verypresentable, even pretty. Her lawyer pointed out that R781's allegedrecordings of what she had said could be fakes. She had suffered $20million in pain and suffering, and deserved $20 billion in punitivedamages. Robot Central's lawyers were convinced they could win, butRobot Central's PR department advocated settling out of court, and$51 million was negotiated including legal expenses of $11 million.With the 30 percent contingent fee, the winning lawyer would get anadditional $12 million.

The polls mainly sided with Robot Central, but the Anti-Robot Leagueraised $743 million in donations after the movie ``Kidnapped byrobots'' came out, and the actress playing the mother made emotionalappeals.

Before the settlement could be finalized, however, the CEO of RobotCentral asked his AI system to explore all possible actions he couldtake and tell him their consequences. He adhered to the 1990sprinciple: Never ask an AI system what to do. Ask it to tell you the consequences of the different things you might do. One ofthe 43 struck his fancy, he being somewhat sentimental about robots.

``You can appeal to the 4 billion who said R781 should be ordered to continue caring for the baby and tell them that if you give in to the lawsuit you will be obliged to reprogram all your robots so that the robot will never simulate humanity no matter what the consequences to babies. You can ask them if you should fight or switch. [The AI system had a weakness for 20th century advertising metaphors.] The expected fraction that will tell you to fight the lawsuit is 0.82, although this may be affected by random news events of the few days preceding the poll.''

He decided to fight the lawsuit, but after a few weeks ofwell-publicized legal sparring the parties settled for a lower sumthan the original agreed settlement.

At the instigation of a TV network a one hour confrontation of theactress and R781 was held. It was agreed that R781 would not bereprogrammed for the occasion. In response to the moderator'squestions, R781 denied having wanted the baby or wanting money. Itexplained that robots were programmed to have only have wantssecondary to the goals they were given. It also denied acting onsomeone else's orders.

The actress asked, ``Don't you want to have wants of your own?''

The robot replied, ``No. Not having wants applies to such higherorder wants as wanting to have wants.''

The actress asked, ``If you were programmed to have wants, what wantswould you have?''

``I don't know much about human motivations, but they are varied. I'd have whatever wants Robot Central programmed me to have. For example, I could be programmed to have any of the wants robots have had inscience fiction stories.''

The actress asked the same question again, and R781 gave the sameanswer as before but phrased differently. Robots were programmed tobe aware that humans often missed an answer the first time it wasgiven, but should reply each time in different words. If the samewords were repeated, the human was likely to get angry.

A caller-in asked, ``When you simulated loving Travis, why didn'tyou consider Travis's long term welfare and figure out how to put him in a family that would make sure he got a good education?''

R781 replied that when a robot was instructed in a metaphorical way asin ``Love the fucking baby yourself'', it was programmed to interpretthe command in the narrowest reasonable context.

After the show, Anti-Robot League got $281 million in donations,but Give-Robots-Personalities got $453 million. Apparently, manypeople found it boring that robots had no desires of their own.

Child Welfare demanded that the mother undergo six weeks of addictionrehabilitation and three weeks child care training. Her lawyerpersuaded her to agree to that.

There was a small fuss between the mother and Robot Central. She andher lawyer demanded a new robot, whereas Robot Central pointed outthat a new robot would have exactly the same program. EventuallyRobot Central gave in and sent her a robot of a different color.

She really was very attractive when cleaned up and detoxified, and thelawyer married her. They took back Travis. It would be aconsiderable exaggeration to say they lived happily ever after, butthey did have three children of their own. All four children survivedthe educational system.

After several requests Robot Central donated R781 to the SmithsonianInstitution. It is one of the stars of the robot section of theMuseum. As part of a 20 minute show, R781 clothes itself as it was atthe time of its adventure with the baby and answers the visitors'questions, speaking motherese. Mothers sometimes like to have theirpictures taken standing next to R781 with R781 holding their baby.After many requests, R781 was told to patch its program to allow this.

A movie has been patched together from the surveillance cameras thatlooked at the street scene. Through the magic of modern audio systems children don't hear the bad language, and women can only hear it ifthey assure R781 that they are not ladies.

The incident increased the demand for actual child-care robots, whichwere allowed five years later. The consequences were pretty muchwhat the opponents had feared. Many children grew up more attached totheir robot nannies than to their actual parents.

This was mitigated by making the robot nannies somewhat severe andoffering parents advice on how to compete for their children's love.This sometimes worked. Moreover, the robots were programmed so thatthe nicer the parents were, the nicer the robot would be, stillletting the parents win the contest for the children's affections.This often worked.

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We often give gifts to re-confirm or establish our connection with others, which means that they're a reflection of both the giver and the receiver, as well as their unique relationship. Giving a gift to someone we care about allows us to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them.

What is robot in your own opinion? ›

a machine that resembles a human and does mechanical, routine tasks on command. a person who acts and responds in a mechanical, routine manner, usually subject to another's will; automaton.

When can I become a robot? ›

According to a futurologist, by 2050, humans will be able to integrate their brain or mind data into computers which can be encased in a humanoid robot and, thereby, live forever.

Why do I love robotics? ›

I love it because of the opportunities to work with the technologies that will make the world a better place for this generation and future generations to come. Robotics and embedded systems are the future, and I feel so fortunate to be alive right now.

What is the difference between human teacher and robotic teacher? ›

--->a human teacher will always can change their teaching methods as per convince of the student but a robot teacher will be programmed in a way that it cannot do so. -----> humans teacher can experience new things n can always do a better way of teaching experience but a robot can't do so.

What are teachers called? ›

instructor, pedagogue. (also pedagog), preceptor, schoolteacher.

Do you think it is a good practice to have robot teacher in the classroom? ›

Explanation: While teachers are forced to deliver the majority of learning in a whole-class setting, artificial intelligence can deliver tailored learning, carefully evaluating every response to calibrate when to stick with the current topic and when to move onto the next.

Should robots replace teachers essay? ›

While robots can teach students skills or reinforce difficult concepts for struggling students, it can't replace a human teacher. Students need emotional support along with academic support from the teacher which only a human teacher can provide.

Why should robots be teachers? ›

Using humanoid robots would allow schools to map and familiarize students with part of the digital world of today and tomorrow in a modern and future-oriented way. If students learn and work in dialogue with machines/robots, it should raise their awareness of robotics as a topic.

Why are robots better teachers? ›

They can be more efficient and answer students' questions more accurately and rapidly. But as technology is still developing, robots could for the moment make great tutors. They can assist teachers in their teaching process with grading students' essays and assignments.

What lesson do you get from the story the human robot? ›

Answer: EXPLANATION: In this story, Ira Saxena had clearly distinguished the difference between human greed and robotic scrupulousness. The robot is man-made however it always works in a preprogrammed manner with simplicity and transparency. Conversely, the human mind is murky and complicated.

What does Anthony Seldon think of teachers in the future? ›

British education expert Anthony Seldon thinks so. And he even has a date for the robot takeover of the classroom: 2027. He predicts robots will do the main job of transferring information and teachers will be like assistants. Intelligent robots will read students' faces, movements and maybe even brain signals.

What are the special characters of a robotic teacher? ›

Special Characteristics of a Robotic Teacher
  • Cost-effective. Compared to human teachers, robotic teachers are more cost-effective in the long run. ...
  • Less emotive. Several students suffer from disorders like anxiety, depression, autism, etc. ...
  • Access to Wider Information. ...
  • Patience. ...
  • Efficiency. ...
  • Being Unbiased.
Jan 4, 2022

Is Siri a boy or girl? ›

Siri actually has no gender (if you don't believe us, just ask it). Siri had a default female voice for many years, but you had the option to change it to a male voice instead. You can even give Siri six different accents: American, Australian, British, Indian, Irish, or South American.

When was Siri born? ›

Is Siri a real person? ›

Hey Siri: Meet Susan Bennett, the Real Voice Behind Apple's Voice Assistant. Apple's voice assistant Siri has been controversial among fans who do not know a thing or two about it. This fancy-sounding AI resembles a real person who usually asks you to do a household chore or a simple request.

How robot will change our world? ›

The rise of the robots will boost productivity and economic growth. And it will lead to the creation of new jobs in yet-to-exist industries. But existing business models in many sectors will be seriously disrupted and millions of existing jobs will be lost.

How are robots better than humans? ›

Robots produce more accurate and high quality work. Robots rarely make mistakes and are more precise than human workers. They can produce a greater quantity in a short amount of time. They can work at a constant speed with no breaks, days off, or holiday time.

How robots will affect our future? ›

Ultimately, robots have the potential to enhance our lives. As well as shouldering the burden of physically demanding or repetitive tasks, they may be able to improve healthcare, make transport more efficient, and give us more freedom to pursue creative endeavours.

How do you introduce a robot to students? ›

  1. 5 Ways to Introduce Students to Automation/Robotics. By Devin Partida. ...
  2. Open up the Conversation. According to Statista, the global robotics market will reach $210 billion by 2025. ...
  3. Encourage Hands-on Learning. ...
  4. Explore Real-Life Applications. ...
  5. Automate the Class. ...
  6. Use Robotic Assistants.
Feb 24, 2021

How can I learn basic robots? ›

If you want to learn robotics, the best way to do so is developing develop proficiency in computer science, coding, physics, and linear algebra. From there, you can take robotics classes, participate in clubs and competitions, and build on your basic robotics abilities to strengthen your skills over time.

How do kids learn robotics? ›

While getting started with robotics, you can learn the basics by signing up for online courses on websites such as STEMpedia, Coursera, MIT OpenCourseWare and Khan Academy which can be perfect to learn robotics basics.

Do you like gift ielts? ›

(Answer 2)

Yes, I do because I feel like giving expensive gifts means giving importance to the person who receives the gift. Besides, I don't want to be construed as stingy since stinginess connotes selfishness, but, that's just my principle anyway.

Do you like cities ielts? ›

Do you like the city where you are living now? Without a doubt, I can say that I do love living in my city because of its nature. Our city is not a typical metropolis in which all you can see is a concrete jungle. Ours is semi-urban, we can still enjoy breathing fresh air and at the same time living close to nature.

Will robots replace human beings in the workplace completely? ›

Experts suggest the complete replacement of human employees by robots is not likely to happen and that RPA is much more likely to contribute to potential job reallocation and even job creation. Experts also suggest that RPA will alter the way humans perform current job functions.

How often do you look at yourself in the mirror ielts? ›

1 How often do you look at yourself in the mirror? I look at myself in the mirror everyday when I wake up; it's sort of my morning ritual. I work in a professional environment, so I always do my best to look presentable.

Do you think it is important to wear a watch Why? ›

A watch will make you feel confident and build your confidence. There's just something about wearing one that holds a value of importance that cannot be explained. It's more important to be noticed than not noticed, and wearing a watch helps you get noticed.

What is the importance of gift? ›

We often give gifts to re-confirm or establish our connection with others, which means that they're a reflection of both the giver and the receiver, as well as their unique relationship. Giving a gift to someone we care about allows us to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them.

Do you like shoes ielts speaking? ›

Do you like to wear shoes that are comfortable or good looking? Definitely good looking, hopefully comfortable too! I care much more about the appearance and if they complement my outfit. However, I try to buy nicer brands so that more comfortable should be expected.

What is the difference between living in the countryside and the city ielts speaking? ›

It is much less crowded in the country than in cities. Besides, the pace of life in the countryside is slow while people living in big cities always seem to be in a hurry. Also, it is much more healthy to live out of big cities because the air in the country is fresher and there is not as much noise.

What are the benefits of living in big cities as opposed to rural areas ielts? ›

there are better job opportunities. There are good facilities like school, shops,police station, post office etc. Another benefit would be that there is a facility for public transportation like buses and trains as compared to the rural. individual come to big cities.

Do people in your country like boat travel? ›

Yes, they are. My country has an extremely long coastline, so journeys at sea are really common. Tourists to any beach always have plenty of options of boats to get on, they are all affordable and offer wonderful sightseeing experiences.

Why are robots better than humans? ›

Robots produce more accurate and high quality work. Robots rarely make mistakes and are more precise than human workers. They can produce a greater quantity in a short amount of time. They can work at a constant speed with no breaks, days off, or holiday time.

Why should robots replace humans? ›

It is claimed that robots are more reliable as they, unlike humans, do not get exhausted after working for some time. Their high accuracy and round-the-clock availability make them more dependable for work. The application of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence has helped many industries grow and prosper.

Who is smarter human or robot? ›

In summary, AI is extremely useful and able to answer complex problems that humans are not equipped to solve. AI is faster at suitable tasks. In some circumstances AI can determine superior outcomes than human-based decision matrices. This is based on its ability to identify complex patterns in large amounts of data.

What kind of teachers do you like best ielts? ›

My favorite kind of teacher is someone who is helpful, quite firmed and has high expectations for students, especially if he/she teaches the subject I love. That kind of teachers always have admirable passion for their job which motivates me to work harder in order to impress them.

Do you think dreams will affect life? ›

In fact, a dream is a wish your heart makes. Hence, you usually dream about what you are hoping, so with someone who is superstitious, it's good when their dreams turn into a good precursor, which makes them feel relieved about the future. Then, it is undeniable that dreams will affect life in all ways.

Do you often remember your dreams ielts? ›

Do you usually remember your dreams? No, they're usually very vague and I only remember the odd thing or image. But I can never remember the entire dream as they are too abstract. No, luckily I don't remember them as they are almost always nightmares.


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