Why hair falls out after baby (and what to do about it) (2022)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NeoCell. All opinions are 100% mine. Inside:If you’ve noticed a lot of hair falling out after pregnancy, you’re not alone! Postpartum hair loss is a common after-effect of giving birth. Here’s what new moms need to know about hair loss after baby and how to deal.

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“Your hair looks AMAZING!” —I got used to hearing that while I was pregnant with both my girls, and I’ll admit that I started to take it for granted.

Then after I had my babies it all started to fall out!!

Hair Loss After Baby: What’s Going On Here??

The first time I experienced postpartum hair loss, it was pretty unsettling. I felt like I was losing ALL my hair! Clump after clump came out when I brushed my hair or washed it in the shower.

I was a little more prepared for it the second time around — not only what to expect, but also because I had a few tricks up my sleeve to help deal with losing lots of hair after pregnancy.

If you feel like there’s TONS of hair falling out after baby, you’re probably not imagining it! This is a relatively common occurrence, known as postpartum hair loss.

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss?

During pregnancy, many women notice that their hair seems thicker. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t because the body produces more hair during pregnancy, but rather that very little hair is shed during pregnancy.

Hormonal charges during pregnancy essentially cause the body to cling to hair, and since less is falling out, the hair is indeed fuller.

The problem is, after the baby is born, hormones change again. Now the hair begins to shed again, and lots of it!

Excessive hair loss is known as telogen effluvium and is caused by a variety of factors:

While some of these causes are preventable, hormonal changes during and after a pregnancy are simply a part of life as a mom.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t doanything about it!

Commonly Asked Questions About Postpartum Hair Loss

Q: When Does Postpartum Hair Loss Start?

A: On average, postpartum hair loss starts around 3 months after delivery.

Q: How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

A: Postpartum hair loss is definitely a bit annoying, but the good news is that it is usually temporary. Most women notice hair loss slowing significantly anywhere between 6 months to 1 year after giving birth.

Q: Is There Anything I Can Do to Stop Hair Loss After Pregnancy?

A: Postpartum hair loss will usually run its course in a few months time. However, there are things that can be done to minimize the appearance of hair loss after baby, including nutrition, styling, and prevention of further damage.

How to Deal with Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is a normal occurrence, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating!However, there are a few steps you can take to potentially slow the hair loss or hide its effects.

1. Nutrition

According to dermatologistSejal Shah, M.D., good nutrition is crucial when it comes to slowing down or stopping postpartum hair loss. Making sure your body gets the nutrients it needs can help keep hair stronger and prevent breakage.

3 Nutrition-Based Ways to Slow or Stop Postpartum Hair Loss:

  • Continue taking prenatal vitamins
  • Add a daily collagen supplement like NeoCell Super Collagen + C
  • Make sure to get plenty of protein in your diet

What is Collagen?

Collagen makes up over 25% of the protein in your body. It is present in skin, bones, muscles, nails, ligaments, tendons, and hair.

Collagen keeps the body’s tissues strong, and it is also a major factor in making skin look youthful and healthy.

Over time, the body produces less collagen. In fact, after you turn 25, collagen productionslowsas you age.You may especially notice the effect of less collagen in your skin, but also in the hair and nails too.

Decreased collagen production is even thought to make a person more prone to injury and even cause the sensation of aching joints.

The good news is that there are collagen supplements like NeoCell Super Collagen + C, which may help replenish the body’s dwindling stores of collagen.

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What is NeoCell Super Collagen?

NeoCell Super Collagen + C dietary supplement is a unique anti-aging formula with powerful beauty enhancing ingredients:

  • Super Collagen™ — Nourishes skin’s dermal layers with 19 amino acids for healthy collagen levels.*
  • Vitamin C — Aids in collagen formation.*
  • Biotin — B-Vitamin that promotes healthy, lustrous hair and strong nails.*

Try it!Buy Neocell Super Collagen + C

New research suggests that decreased collagen production may contribute to hair loss as we age. A 2016 Japanese study found a direct link between low collagen levels near hair follicle stem cells and hair loss in mice.

As collagen levels drop, the hair follicles shrink. Furthermore, damaged stem cells turn into dandruff-like skin cells that shed, along with hair.

Mice that produced collagen showed less hair loss, so the scientists believe that collagen is the key to maintaining a healthy head of hair.

While more research is needed to confirm this, it’s definitely promising news!

Either way, after only a week of taking NeoCell Super Collagen + C, I feel amazing! It’s hard to explain, but it’s almost as if I can feel my nails getting stronger. My hair isn’t falling out in clumps anymore either!

While it may be unavoidable to experience some hair loss after pregnancy, since NeoCell Super Collagen + Cis shown to promote lustrous hair, it could help the hair that you DO have look fuller!

NeoCell Super Collagen + C is available at Sam’s Club — look for it on in the pharmacy department. Just like I expect at Sam’s Club, it’s a great value! If you’ve ever bought nutritional supplements before, some of them can be pretty pricey. However, when I bought NeoCell Super Collagen + C from Sam’s Club, it worked out to about 30 cents a day if you take the recommended dosage.

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Buy Neocell Super Collagen + C at Sam’s Club Today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

2. Choose Hairstyles that Hide Postpartum Hair Loss

Since postpartum hair loss happens to a certain degree whether we like it or not, one strategy is to hide it!

Because my hair is naturally wavy, I can wear it curly or straight, depending on the products I use. However, I find that curly hair actually makes the short “baby hairs” around my face stick out more!

It takes a little extra time to straighten my hair, but doing so actually covers up short fly-aways, as well as smooths them down more.

3. Protect Hair from Further Damage

Since you’re losing more hair than usual in the months after giving birth, it’s important to protect the remaining hair. That way you don’t lose more than you have to!

When you visit the salon, make sure to let your stylist know that you’re experiencing hair loss after pregnancy. That way he or she can use products and techniques that are less likely to further damage hair.

At home, always use protective products before heat styling your hair, as in blow drying or using a flat iron.

The longer you can go between shampooing and styling hair the better, as washing hair too often can strip hair and scalp of natural protective oils.

Related: Click here to learn 6 tricks to make your blow out last longer!

4. Stock Up on Headbands

When all else fails, a good headband is a lifesaver!

I have a stash of stretchy cotton headbands that keep short hairs under wraps — literally! You can find a lot of cute colors and patterns that match any outfit, so no one has to know that you’re wearing a headband to cover up your hair loss after baby!

Have you experienced postpartum hair loss? Share your tips for new moms in the comments below!

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